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The Blazeland IFS system is now available in Australia.

In 2018, a collaboration between Blazeland USA & Prerunner Industries resulted in the licenced Australian production of the highly regarded Blazeland IFS 4wd kit, a bolt-in, high performance IFS kit capable of 12+ inches of functional wheel travel for your torsion bar IFS Toyota Hilux or 4runner. And with the turn key from $1650AUD, its an affordable performance front end at a budget price.

The only way to increase wheel travel on an IFS vehicle is to increase the arc in which the wheel travels. This means either moving the suspension mounting points inwards, the wheel outwards or both. Lift kits, upgraded torsion bars, diff drops etc do not increase wheel travel. The Blazeland kit replaces the factory control arms with lengthened versions, which allows for a significant increase in actual 'performance', rather than simply 'lift'.


The Blazeland system utilises a fabricated Toyota lower control arm (LCA), sleeved & boxed based to extend the arm approximately 3" wider, but maintaining the OEM Toyota chassis mounts, shock mounts, hub mounts, steering stop etc. This not only keeps the cost down significantly, but maintains the benefits of the trusty OEM Toyota design basics, a time proven, well engineered system that has seen millions of Toyota trucks travel countless KM's over the 20 year use of the design. The fabrication is performed by qualified boilermakers to exacting standards & quality.

The upper control arm (UCA) is extended via a fabricated UCA extension bracket, retaining the factory geometries, but offset to match the LCA.



The system uses a 'T100 axle', a ~3" wider CV assembly found in the US domestic market Toyota T100, The T100 was native to the USA, so these axle/CV assemblies are imported & available through us or the usual USA parts suppliers. This allows fully functional 4wd to be retained.




Steering is extended via machined 'Tie Rod Extension sleeves' (TRES), retaining Toyota off the shelf tie rod ends. 

Brake lines are a premium quality, extended length black steel braided lines, with ADR approved construction. 

The kits are supplied with new bushes for the replacement parts & it is recommended to refurbish the other relevant service items while apart, tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings etc. We always recommend the use of Genuine Toyota parts.

The Blazeland IFS system is an off-road product & is sold for Offroad Use Only.

Shocks sold separately

Axles & CV's sold separately.

Due to the bespoke nature of the product, the kits will be sold in batches of 5, at intervals determined by demand. This allows for efficient manufacturing processes for our suppliers & fabricators. Please feel free to register your interest for future batches via email or Facebook & we'll keep in touch with proceedings! 

To secure your kit, a $500 deposit is required (which includes a $250 refundable core charge for the return of quality stock lower control arms. Details in links





  • Professionally fabricated, extended lower control arms, rebuilt with new poly bushes.
  • Fabricated Upper Control Arm Brackets
  • Grade 8.8 Fasteners & Hardware
  • Machined Hex Bar Tie Rod Extension Sleeves with LH/RH Jam Nuts
  • ADR Approved extended length braided brake lines



Upgraded Torsion Bars:

Example: Old Man Emu: part # 303003

Shock Absorbers:

Contact Us for recommendations or any other questions!




In purchasing this product, you acknowledge this is an offroad only product & is not for use on public roads. Like most products intended for offroad use, the harsh environment & heavy duty use and application of this product means no Warranty is implied or given.
Prerunner Industries & Blazeland shall not be liable for injury or death, consequential or other type, for damages resulting from the products sold. You are responsible for proper installation and product use. Off Road driving can be a dangerous sport. Modifying a vehicle can cause changes in its ride
and drive manners. Because of this, Prerunner Industries & Blazeland does not imply, offer or give any warranties to parts or products offered. 
Furthermore, in purchasing Prerunner Industries or Blazeland products you agree to not copy or pirate the design for personal use, sale or profit in any way. All rights reserved.