Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these guards, what do they do, what are they made of?

These are a full replacement, fibreglass/composite offroad panels, with sizes from 4.5" to 5" wider than standard. Built to fit as per OEM, with original indicators & fitment, but with aggressive styling & larger wheel arching for offroad wheels & tyres.

Also known as fenders, flared guards, pumped guards, bedsides, tub sides, ute sides, stylesides, whatever you want to call them!

What Vehicles do you do?

Currently 89-97 & 97-04 Hilux, with 05-14 (pre & post facelift) and 84-88 Hilux to be released shortly...


Can you freight?

Absolutely. We have existing freight networks that ship all over Australia and the rates are very reasonable. 

What wheels fill these guards?

For the Hilux's pictured typically they will be shown with a 33" or 35" tyre. Our Hilux 4.5"/5" guards  will suit 15 x 10 -44 rims with 35x12.5 tyres or a 15x8 -22 33x10.5 tyre... For long travel and SAS trucks, the offset will depend on the application of course, but the wheel arch will comfortably house even a 37" tyre...


Are they legal?

These are an offroad item, check your local state's guidelines or consult an Automotive Engineer. 

The relevant legislation is page 9/LH73 of VSB14 ver. 2.0, National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification, section 2.7 'Fibreglass customised and replacement panels'.


Do they need paint?

These are a fibreglass part, so as good as they look in pic's, they do need finishing & preparation. We'd definately recommend the guards be painted, not just because they will look better, but to protect your investment. Australian sun is not sympathetic!

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