Bedsides/Rear Tubsides

Bedsides/Rear Tubsides

We get a lot of interest for matching rear guards & rightfully so, unless you're running a tray, there needs to be a rear solution...

We've had multiple mindsets on how best to approach this & is a common discussion point here at PrerunnerHQ...

We went down a long and expensive development path, working on a Universal single cab rear tubside/bedside, the aim being to satisfy both 89-97 and 97-04 Hilux single cab models. 

We justified the Universal design because of these points:

  • 50% of the market has a trayback rear
  • Of the remaining 50%, there are 3 variants; single cab, extra cab & dual cab
  • The differences between the 2 models are not particularly significant & a universal side would suffice, the idea being the end user could modify the product to suit their vehicle if they felt it necessary, such as add a body line for example. 

The 'universal' idea had mixed recieval in the marketplace, with a majority preference toward 'model specific' bedsides. This meant we were faced with developing 3 x variants per model, with a 50% reduced customer base, due to the popularity of tray backs in Australia... On top of all that, the multi-piece molds are expensive to build, the final product expensive to produce & the fitting not particularly easy & quite grinder intensive, not to mention irreversible....

So we've revisited the drawing board & are working on a new concept that aims toward:

  • A multifit design, leaving the taillights & bodylines alone
  • Significantly cheaper to produce
  • Significantly easier to fit: drill 6 holes, not a 10 pack of grinding disks
  • Be reversible: unbolt the guard from the tub if required
  • Option to open wheel arch up or leave it intact


We are prototyping this as we speak, so follow us (click one of the widgets to the right of the screen) & keep up to date with the latest developments, or to get your name on one of the first sets!


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  • Daniel

    Hi ,interested in a quote/ info for rear guards for my single cab hilux .. cheers

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